It’s an exciting time around the Columbus Events office as we look for fresh talent to add to our high-performing team. Hayden, our firm’s CEO, stated that the ideal candidates will be passionate, self-motivated, and always seeking to learn new things. We consider people with no experience as long as they’re ready to learn and challenge themselves.

We don’t stick to the usual training manuals, favoring a hands-on model for developing our newest hires. Incoming sales and marketing managers are paired with seasoned team members who know the ins and outs of maintaining success in our industry. This one-to-one approach to knowledge transfer ensures that every person who comes on board is equipped to reach his or her full potential.

Helping our people become successful leaders is a way of life around the Columbus Events office. Networking is one of the major points of emphasis in our training program because it allows our team members to interact with top frontrunners from different markets. Even our newest sales and marketing managers get chances to attend conferences and other events where they can learn from accomplished leaders. The insights they gain along the way help our budding promotional experts find their footing in our fast-paced industry.

We’re ready to help a new crop of talented people thrive. Follow Columbus Events on Twitter for hiring updates and more on our training approach.

We set people up for career success at every stage.


“Getting the opportunity to meet industry leaders has benefited my career without a doubt. I know with Columbus Events, I will continue to grow my professional network.”

— Trent

“It’s not everyday that you find a company where you can see yourself growing for the long term. The training is second to none and I am excited for my future and career development.”

— Amber